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Learning knows no age, its a lifelong Journey

Following are the different workshops being conducted by KidsGetCoding on a regular basis.

Please feel  free to connect with us today for more information!

Canva Essentials for Individuals

  1. Unveiling Canva's Basics

  2. Crafting Personal Branding

  3. Expressive Social Media Graphics

  4. Creative DIY Project

  5. Streamlining Personal Workflows

  6. Advanced Techniques for Individuals

  7. Personal Analytics and Reflection

  8. Ethical and Legal Considerations

   Bonus Module: Trends and Personal Creativity, AI     image generation

Introduction to Python Basics for Individuals

  1. Essential Data Types and Variables

  2. Control Flow: Loops and Conditional Statement

  3. Functions and Modular Programming 

  4. Introduction to Python Libraries

  5. Working with Strings, Lists, and Dictionaries

Introduction to Website Designing for Individuals

  1. Getting Started with Wix​

  2. Navigating the Wix Dashboard

  3. Choosing and Customizing Wix Templates

  4. Designing Pages: Layouts and Sections

  5. Adding and Editing Text on Wix

  6. Incorporating Images 

  7. Creating and Managing Navigation Menus

  8. ⁠Testing and Publishing Your Wix Website


Dive into AI Brilliance for Individuals

  1. Unveiling the AI Marvel

  2. ChatGPT: Your Digital Conversational Companion

  3. Artistry Beyond Imagination: AI Image Generation

  4. PowerPoint Prestige: Designing with AI Flair

  5. Ethical Horizons: Navigating AI's Impact on Individuals

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