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It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age and quite similar to maths where application is concerned. Satiate your kid's inquisitive mind!

Having kids learn coding at an early age equips them with the correct skills for the future.

It is a general purpose, versatile, and popular programming language used by software engineers, analysts and machine learning engineers alike


Python is Beginner Friendly!

It is one the most promising and upcoming career in the field of technology

It gives an opportunity for every individual to express oneself creatively on the internet!


Get your address on the world wide web today!

Artificial Intelligence is a key area of focus for young innovators

So let us prepare our youngest innovators -our kids to understand and use this technology to their advantage!

Unplugged coding is a good way to engage kids in coding experiences without the use of technology

It introduces coding to kids through various types of challenging and innovative games 

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