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Following are the different workshops being conducted by KidsGetCoding on a regular basis.

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Coding Pathways: 6-8 years old

String together commands to guide Awbie on an epic strawberry-munching adventure.


Explore 35+ levels including green forests, spooky caves, jungles, sunny beaches, a snowy mountain, and even a volcano!


Build problem-solving and logic skills while learning the basic concepts of coding!


Below Fundamental covered in the course


1. Sequencing and loops

2. Computational Thinking

3. Problem Solving

4. Logical Thinking

5. Pattern Recognition

6. Creative Coding

Coding Pathways: 9-11 years old

Get on a journey with Byte and learn in its visually interactive world


  1. Commands

  2. Functions

  3. For loops

  4. Conditional code

  5. Logical operators 

  6. While loops

  7. Algorithms 

  8. Variables 

  9. Types

  10. Initialisation

  11. Parameters 

  12. World Building

Coding Pathways: 12-16 years old

Python Fundamentals 


  1. Input and Output

  2. Variables : names, data types, arithmetic operators

  3. Conditional: If-Else Comparison operators, if elif 

  4. Lists, calling, slicing, string slicing 

  5. While loops, loop counters, infinite loops 

  6. Defining functions, function variables, function inputs, function return

  7. Libraries

  8. Tkinter and Animation

 AI for Kids Beginners

  1. Discover the world of machines and automation.

  2. Get introduced to the fascinating realm of Artificial Intelligence.

  3. Begin your journey into the basics of Machine Learning.

  4. Explore the concept of Supervised Learning in AI.

  5. Uncover the mysteries of Unsupervised Learning.

  6. Embark on the adventure of Reinforcement Learning in a beginner-friendly format.

AI for Kids Intermediate

  1. Explore the basics of Custom Vision.

  2. Engage in a hands-on experiment with Image Recognition.

  3. Understand the fundamentals of Speech Recognition.

  4.  Dive into a practical experiment with Speech Recognition.

  5. Grasp the essentials of Chatbots.

  6. Create your own Chatbot through a step-by-step guide.

  7. Delve into the realm of AI Ethics for a comprehensive  understanding.



IGCSE Computer Science

  1. Data Representation

  2. Data Transmission

  3. Hardware

  4. Software

  5. Internet and World Wide Web

  6. Automated System (A.I)

  7. Algorithm and Problem Solving

  8. Programming with Python and Pseudocode

  9. Databases

  10. Logic Gates


   IB Computer Science
             (HL and SL)

         Java Fundamentals

  • Paper 1: All topics

  • Paper 2: Option D Object oriented programming


Computer Science Admissions Counseling for
High School Students

  • Get personalised one-on-one counseling and guidance to help you excel in Computer Science at High School level.

  • Earn Industry-recognised and University-recognised certifications.

  • Gain admission into top Computer Science programs. Take your first step towards rewarding career in technology with us!

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